When did you meet YOUR Harvey Weinstein? I'll go first: I was a 17-yr-old co-op student and he insisted on massaging my shoulders as I typed

I'm at a loss for words for what to say about this.

When I am asked my recommendations for political non-fiction books, the top of my list is almost always Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine (Chris Hayes’ Twilight of the Elites is a close second.) Seven years after its publication, no other book better explains the state of the modern political world. The thesis of the book is simple: vulture capitalists saw profit to be had in institutions that eschewed profit to serve people, and when people would not give up those institutions, the vulture capitalists shocked entire populations into submission using disasters both natural and manmade as an opportunity to privatize entire industries. Kleptocracy, religious fundamentalism, ethnic sectarianism and dictatorship arose quickly from the ashes of stunned, impoverished and subjugated peoples, creating blowback for Western democracies even as the jet set luxuriated in champagne and caviar.
Does meat consumption cause cancer? Or, put another way… does avoiding meat help prevent cancer? If you aren't already savvy to the topic, this may sound more absurd than it should. Here's why: there have been many, many, many correlative studies that have found that higher meat consumption is associated with a significantly higher risk of cancer and cancer mortality. To try to answer this question we end up going deep into discussing plausible mechanisms that might help explain this phenomenon and, indeed, discussing a little bit of cancer biology as well.

The present article briefl y summarizes skeletal muscle adaptations to HIT and highlights recent work that sheds new light on the potency of HIT to induce rapid skeletal muscle remodeling and improve exercise capacity.

Hopkins performed his own diagnostic routine on himself as a young felon and didn’t like the resulting self-portrait — that of a doom-seeking knucklehead — and so he found the discipline in boxing to go straight and make good. He examined himself again as a rising middleweight in his late 20s and, again, didn’t like what he found: a patsy who dutifully did all the hard work at the behest of others who took more than their share of the money.

But most of his animus in Mountain View was reserved for mutual funds, his own field of business, which he described as an industry organized around “salesmanship rather than stewardship,” which “places the interests of managers ahead of the interests of shareholders,” and is “the consummate example of capitalism gone awry.” - See more at: http://www.modernluxury.com/san-francisco/story/the-best-investment-advice-youll-never-get#sthash.t682iXju.dpuf

So many great things in this article. It struck me the parallel between working hard and taking the time to make something that can produce locally and anything else where people take the time to do something deeply.

Crazy but true. Hacker news discusses here.

The more I learn about the Olympics the less I - well, there's really nothing left to have less of when it comes to the Olympics...
We are proud that Sochi hosts the Winter Olympic Games. This is a unique sports event for everybody. However, officials turned Olympics into a source of their income. The Anti-Corruption Foundation proves that with figures and facts. Learn who cashed in on the most expensive Olympic games ever.

This is definitely going to be useful. Also see this blog post.

Very well written document looking at possible new tech for travelling certain distances. 

An interesting look into athletes who move from a high carb diet to low carb. Part two.

The title pretty much nails it: every time I come across a post like this I am reminded to keep it simple. 

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    More about one of the examples featured in the blog post.

I know I am going to need this come day. Also see the HN discussion.

I keep coming back to this comment every so often but have no idea where I saved the link. Finally it has been bookmarked. This is a reader review of Antifragile by Taleb. Don't miss the first reply to the review:

"On one level, the universe (at least as perceived by humans) is ruled by disorder, but on another level, the crucial elements are those that gain from disorder as eventually these are fitter for survival than any element, however strong, that requires order."

I am the author. I don't think that there could be a better summary of both this book and everything I've been trying to do. And strangely it had to be expressed by someone else. Thanks, Aaron Brown.

This fellow has had success with his iOS apps and writes reports on them every year. Some useful insight into an indie dev who is having success.

A longer version can be found here.

Stuxnet's Secret Twin (Updated 4 years ago)

What a fascinating story this is turning out to be...

The system might have keep Natanz's centrifuges spinning, but it also opened them up to a cyberattack that is so far-out, it leads one to wonder whether its creators might have been on drugs... One of the first things this Stuxnet variant does is take steps to hide its tracks, using a trick straight out of Hollywood. Stuxnet records the cascade protection system's sensor values for a period of 21 seconds. Then it replays those 21 seconds in a constant loop during the execution of the attack. In the control room, all appears to be normal, both to human operators and any software-implemented alarm routines.

More can be found in the article here. It seems it is based on the study found here, which has a "less hype, more data" map than the Washington Post.

If you help clients with analytics data, goals and leads, I think you will have to go thru this list of links. Weekend reading!

Launch the "unofficial" version and then see that it gets traction on its own; push it a bit, tweak the pricing model and what you offer: profit!

The author reviews their 10 year business history in the real estate industry, going from trying to do a web based business to an actual bricks and mortar agency.

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Revelation, a Visual Poem. (Updated 4 years ago)

I find this video refreshing, like a cold shot of water. Great visuals, words, ideas...

YAJL, this one from Facebook. Check the related links for some cool comparisons, builds and comments. 

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About to integrate this into a client system; 12,000 emails free, trackable and from MailChimp. 

CodeMirror is a JavaScript component that provides a code editor in the browser. When a mode is available for the language you are coding in, it will color your code, and optionally help with indentation.

We've been looking into 2fa for our framework, hopefully awareness of it will help when users complain about the need for it.

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I want to follow this up and look into it in greater detail. Also, this gives me the chance to set up the reminder functionality for the bkmk app.

We asked three cracking experts to attack the same list Anderson targeted and recount the results in all their color and technical detail Iron Chef style. The results, to say the least, were eye opening because they show how quickly even long passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols can be discovered.

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    Salting would definitely make a difference. The point of salting is to increase the complexity and overhead of generating rainbow tables.

In early 2013 some serious exploits were found in the popular framework Ruby on Rails. Patrick McKenzie wrote up this fantastic information-piece/call-to-arms after spending some sleepless night patching up his server(s). Reading it, you can see how experienced he is and get an idea of how the web works and how people who work on the web work. Fantastic.

Interesting model and idea; creating a marketplace of workers for Wordpress based websites.

This didn't speak to me when I read it today, but it will be relevant at some point here so I bookmarked it.

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ABC: Always Be Coding (Updated 4 years ago)
Yet another person with experience pushing the 'build things idea'. For many of reasons that match why I built BKMK.

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    This webpage covers the space and time Big-O complexities of common algorithms used in Computer Science.

  3. Algorithm Tutorials

    I hadn't heard of TopCoder, and should read the about page.

  4. Four Steps to Google, Without a Degree (a follow-up by the ABC author)

This information comes quite handy as I am looking to build out the BKMK front end on one or more client side frameworks. 

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The Counterintuitive World (Updated 4 years ago)
As Hungarian-born mathematician Abraham Wald explained at the time, if a plane makes it back safely even though it has, say, a bunch of bullet holes in its wings, it means that bullet holes in the wings aren't very dangerous. What you really want to do is armor up the areas that, on average, don't have any bullet holes. Why? Because planes with bullet holes in those places never made it back.

I had forgotten about this article and found it again while strolling thru my old profile on delicious.com. Also interesting was the following bit:

Abnormally good or bad performance is just that — abnormal, which means it is unlikely to be immediately repeated.

If I stop to think, it is amazing how many times a day or week I expect to better an abnormal performance in any facet of life.

As a serial snapper and newfound photographer, I’m a big fan of this trend, and I think people will continue to adopt new products that provide novel ways of interacting with friends.

I figured that novel would get boring after a while; although it has for me, perhaps not for others!

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I'm planning on setting up Zend's PHP Lucene port here, and this Stemming Analyzer, although old, looks useful. Best to search around before doing much more work on it, but this is the fellow behind the WP Lucene plugin which I have used and enjoyed on other websites.

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    Some recommendations for Solr plugins/libraries.

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  5. Zend_Search_Lucene on the Zend site

This interview openly discusses criminal activities from the perspective of an admitted criminal. You may find this content distressing, even offensive, but what is described in this interview is real.

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Interested mostly in the AWS setup bits. There seems to be a decent discussion here too...

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Varnish in Five Acts (Updated 4 years ago)

One story about Varnish, "Varnish is a web application accelerator. You install it in front of your web application and it will speed it up significantly."

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This is a 'down the rabbit hole' sort of post, starting with its idea that, like Craigslist before them, the big players in the social networks will have sections, groups or communities spin out into more specialized social networks.

Moving backwards from the image at the top of the article we find Chris Dixon's post, "Some problems are so hard they need to be solved piece by piece" and then The Spawn of craigslist.

You have the pieces built from and around Craigslist and then how that may apply moving forwards.

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Inside Google's Secret Lab (Posted 4 years ago)
Google X, a fascinating environment for incubating moonshots. The review covers some of their past and present projects, and hilights some of the 'investor myopia' issues that I suppose will appear in a situation like this. Seriously, it cannot always be about the monetary bottom line.
This looks like a decent implementation to create a timeline. I was thinking of something like this for BKMK somewhere, maybe for a list of links on the homepage of the domain.

A friend of mine, Jamie Grant, was invited to give a TedX talk. I haven't seen him in 10+ years but was lucky enough to drop a bottle for him while living in Alicante, Spain.

Having just signed up my son's school to Google Apps for Education, reading this makes me pause. But not for long; regardless, there are some interesting apps mentioned here.
An interesting write up on pricing an ebook, strategies etc.

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    This links to another, related, article on pricing. A rebuttal of sorts.

From the folks behind intercom.

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This looks interesting, river of news, some social aspects. I've always wanted to build a smart river app, something that can take things I am interested in and filter or build and learn on that, not to give me what I know I want, but maybe to help me find things I had no idea I wanted or needed to know.
I was looking for a book about problem solving that he recommended and found this. I have ordered Are Your Lights On?, looking forward to it!
I want to follow up on this and see how it went...

A young guy who decided to get into Nuclear energy from a young age. He has some interesting ideas on how it can help us in the future.

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