The Hiatus

March 15, 2013 -

Specificity comes with a cost, and I’ve reached the point, after ~3 years of sharpening myself for ultrarunning, where I need to get back to general basics. I can no longer lift a 2x bw deadlift or squat, but I can run for hours. It is time to bring my focus back to the former… Continue →

Why I run

November 19, 2012 -

It was just after the 2012 Cavalls del Vent, a stormy high-mountain race that saw some 80% of the field abandon by the 50km ~half way point; sadly one racer lost her life during the night (RIP Teresa). I was dropping my son off at school and a few parents asked me how it went…. Continue →

Adapting to a Low carb life: Day 10

November 17, 2012 -

Paleo ≠ Low Carb Back in March I started fasted training towards one of the main goals of this ultra running endeavor: becoming a fat burner. In August that evolved into a few weeks of non-dedicated low carb meals (with carb fill ins) and then into a pure paleo lifestyle by the start of September…. Continue →

Year two wrap-up

November 8, 2012 -

Sometime late last month marked the end of my second year in this ultrarunning experiment. In the end I have only completed one ultra this year, in January. Since then I was injured for the 2012 Al Andalus (230km, 5 days), and then washed out of Cavalls del Vent (85km, 6000m +ve). Some notes from… Continue →

Reality Cheque

March 6, 2012 -

Running success does not require a sophisticated program — what is essential is a sensible program, done daily, for seven to ten years. – Gordo Byrn To improve endurance, for example, I think you need at least five years training! – Ueli Steck Prior to this past weekend I didn’t think I would need to… Continue →

Filling a Void

February 28, 2012 -

It seems time to renew this blog. Much of last year was spent building endurance, something which given the right mental propensities can be very enjoyable. Not everyone likes the idea of being out there for hours but the idea of running for hours rather than to here or for this distance is very liberating. You… Continue →

September Goals

September 7, 2011 -

I have yet to finish my Al Andalus race report but wanted to get a post up for September as I have some goals that need writing down. Al Andalus left me with shin splints and I have not been running much since the race. This week my physio gave me the clear to run… Continue →

Getting to the pointy end: one week to Al Andalus

July 4, 2011 -

We’re down to one week until the start of Al Andalus, I’m tapering and this seems like a good time to review my training to this point. Before I get into that… Physio today – Monday, one week before the race – to do some aggressive work on the muscles followed by another session on… Continue →

Review of Skins A400 and RY400 Compression Tights

April 11, 2011 -

Before I get started: 1. feel free to ask questions in the comments 2. there is an image gallery at the bottom of this post. I was made aware of Skins via a tweet from Ben Saunders just as I was in the market for a pair of compression tights, having previously purchased a set… Continue →

Weekend Reading, April 8th

April 8, 2011 -

Some links for weekend reading. I’ve been meaning to write about some of these, but who has the time? Speaking of writing, a review of my Skins A400 long tights and RY400 recovery tights is up next week. Before I get into the links, a buddy in Facebook posted this line this morning: I’m going… Continue →